Peterson Health


Kerrville, TX

Peterson Health

Peterson Health, located in the Texas Hill Country, is a 70-year-old institution that serves nine counties. The Winkler Group’s campaign study indicated support for a campaign based on Peterson’s reputation for excellence. But the priorities were not inspiring the stretch gifts the hospital sought. 

During the campaign planning phase, the Winkler Group worked with the hospital’s executive leadership, including the board of directors, to think beyond the original priorities. It became clear that the community wanted the hospital to think bigger and focus on the future.

The Result

Executive leadership decided to add a new surgery center and renovation of the ambulatory care center to the list of campaign priorities. Community members were inspired by the new patient service lines and advanced care they would receive in the new facility.

The Winkler Group encouraged campaign leadership to make bold asks. Donors responded with bigger investments—some of the largest gifts in the hospital’s history—because they felt heard during the campaign study. One donor increased their seven-figure gift by 230 percent to make the largest single gift in Peterson Health history and secure naming rights to the new building.

The old fundraising adage, “When you ask for advice, you get investment,” still rings true.

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