Balancing Staff and Donor Politics in Today’s Divisive LandscapeJuly 18, 2022

Politics have a way of oozing into every aspect of our lives these days, so why should the nonprofit world be any exception? compiled by Jim Bush, Jessica Browning, and Nikki Rach Among organizations like the ACLU or the NRA, there is little need to balance staff and donor beliefs because they are most likely...

Fundraising in This EconomyJune 16, 2022

Between stock market downturns, inflation, and rising interest rates, the state of the economy is keeping many fundraisers up at night. Written by Jim Bush, Principal and President, Winkler Group Uncertainty seems to be the word of the day because no one knows what’s coming next—if we’ll be in a recession, or if the economy...

Why a Shorter Strategic Plan is BetterApril 19, 2022

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN PART OF A STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS THAT DIDN'T WORK? Strategic plans are essential tools nonprofits, universities, hospitals, and cultural organizations use to advance their missions. But the traditional strategic plan is often ineffective.   Most of today’s nonprofit strategic plans are implemented over a five-year period. Yet by the end of year...

Rising Construction Costs: How to Keep
them from Derailing Your Campaign
April 12, 2022

High rates of inflation and supply chain disruptions have caused construction costs to soar. Written by Jessica Browning, Principal and EVP, Winkler Group If your academic institution or nonprofit organization is in a campaign or planning one to build new facilities, what can you do to mitigate the challenges associated with rising construction costs? There...

Opinion: A Challenging Climate Demands Commitment to FundraisingMarch 17, 2022

Inflation, the Great Resignation, and the war in Ukraine are all causes for fear and heartbreak. But now is not the time to pull back on fundraising, particularly as demand for services remains high. At the beginning of the pandemic—and during the 2008 recession—many nonprofits fell silent. They didn’t want to trouble their donors during...

To Stop the Great Resignation, Shift to
the Great Retention
March 4, 2022

Savvy nonprofits are focusing on staff retention to advance their missions. Written by Anna Lipscomb The “Great Resignation” was one of the most discussed topics of 2021; we even wrote a blog on the subject. The Great Resignation has been in the making for the past 10 years thanks to the introduction of a generational...

Fundraisers’ Guide to
Securing DAF Grants
February 8, 2022

HOW TO LEVERAGE DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS IN CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS As fundraisers, it is time for us to stop fretting about DAFs because they represent significant financial potential.    The guide includes insights from leading experts in the field of donor-advised funds as well as fundraisers who are seeing significant returns from DAF grants. We’ll cite the latest...

How to Use Social Media to Cultivate Mid-Level DonorsJanuary 12, 2022

Ways development professionals can make the most of social media as a cultivation tool for mid-level donors. Written by Rachel Santos and Anna Lipscomb Like middle children, mid-level donors are prone to being overlooked. Not as intuitive as entry-level givers—nor as exciting as a six-figure major gift prospect—middle donors are stuck in a chasm between...

Trends that Will Shape
Philanthropy in 2022 – Part I
December 9, 2021

The last two years have been anything but predictable. Will 2022 be another aberration or will we return to pre-pandemic trends in giving? Written by Jessica Browning, Principal and EVP, Winkler Group We've seen the sector embrace the new and the old; developing innovative and creative solutions to meet and overcome challenges presented by the...

The Real ROI of an OutsiderDecember 1, 2021

We are often asked why organizations should invest their resources in outside counsel to lead their capital campaign. Written by Rachel Santos It’s a valid question. As nonprofit leaders, you exist to serve your constituents and make sure every donor dollar is put to its highest and best use. Let’s look at the question in...

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