Donors are giving!  A recent survey found 84% intend to give as much–or more–this year as last.  Now is the time to harness their generosity and impact your communities with resources provided by the Winkler Group.

We are here for youhowever we can help.   


If you’re like many nonprofits, you’re rethinking your strategic plan right now–or starting a new one.

Avoid common pitfalls with this guide, Four Mistakes Organizations Make Writing a Strategic Plan (and How to Fix Them).


Resources for Today: Reset and Grow

Focus on Growth: Resetting Your Strategic Plan

Is your five-year strategic plan still relevant?  Now more than ever before, your donors want to know your plans to reset and grow post-pandemic. This webinar will help you reassess your organization’s strategic plan to determine changes in strategy that may be needed for the next year. 

This comprehensive overview will give you the tools you need to start modifying your strategic plan—or developing a new one—that positions your organization for growth.   

Lessons We Learned from 2020

Since we launched our webinars as fundraising resources for our profession during the pandemic, we have seen nationally and first-hand encouraging support in philanthropy. The lessons from 2008 are different from today because we are seeing high levels of donor support. This webinar demonstrates how donors are giving and how you as an organization can rest, grow, and thrive as a result of their generosity. 

Join Tim Winkler Winkler Group CEO, Jim Bush Winkler Group President, and Mary Downey Community Hope Center CEO as they discuss and provide live data on the philanthropic landscape during 2020’s pandemic.  This webinar was conducted in partnership with AFP Central Florida.

Your Board: Unlocking Their Fundraising Potential

As we emerge from the pandemic, the key to growth will be a focus on fundamentals like board engagement.  Your board has the potential to be a powerful fundraising force, but only if they are used effectively. 

Jim Moody, Program Manager of the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, will join the conversation and provide first-hand tools and strategies to better engage your board members in all aspects of fundraising.

A Smarter and Easier Way to Raise Money: Donor Retention

Long before COVID-19, the nonprofit sector faced a crisis: embarrassingly low donor retention rates. 80% of new donors will not make a second gift.  Marco Corona, Chief Development Officer at One80 Place in Charleston, South Carolina, will be our co-presenter. Over the last five years, One80 Place’s total donations from individuals has risen from $529,000 to $1.2 million because of an intentional retention plan.  Learn how to implement donor retention strategies that grow your revenue.

View our A Smarter and Easier Way to Raise Money: Donor Retention white paper HERE.


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Nonprofit donations increase despite COVID-19 pressures

Donors are giving! Winkler Group Founder and CEO Tim Winkler provides uplifting insight into the fundraising landscape as relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donors across the country are rallying around nonprofits at a time when some say they are the most needed.

Remember the nonprofits that are here for you

Winkler Group CEO Tim Winkler, along with Charleston Metro Chamber President and CEO Bryan Derryberry, and AFP Lowcountry President Riviere Moody, implore Charlestonians to take pride in our long history of philanthropic giving and rise to the challenges before us.

SC nonprofits, vulnerable to downturns, face financial challenges from coronavirus crisis

Winkler Group CEO Tim Winkler details how donors are stepping forward in “SC nonprofits, vulnerable to downturns, face financial challenges from coronavirus crisis”.

The generous will prosper: those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.
(Proverbs 11:25)

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