The 2021 Strategic Planning Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to re-evaluating an existing strategic plan or developing a new one.

Nonprofits have turned disruption into innovation.

There’s little doubt that the landscape for nonprofits has changed this past year—we’ve discovered what never worked well, or what opportunities we had been missing all along. These new opportunities can take an organization, a university, or a healthcare system to new heights. They can also cause chaos. We have seen many organizations struggle with a strategic plan that worked well before the pandemic—but today is out of date.

The Winkler Group’s newest resource, Turning Disruption into Opportunity: The 2021 Strategic Planning Toolkit, is designed for organizations and institutions that need to rethink their strategic plan—or develop a new one.

The toolkit includes:

  • An understanding of why now is a critical time to re-evaluate an existing plan or develop a new one.
  • A fillable flow chart that guides you through the stages of the strategic planning process and prompts you for input.
  • Suggestions on who to involve in the strategic planning process.
  • Strategic planning terminology to ensure staff and your governing board on the same page.
  • Roles and responsibilities and how to keep your board focused on the big picture, not the day-to-day details.

The toolkit demonstrates how to engage new and long-term supporters and request their feedback on important goals and priorities. These engagement strategies are even more critical given last year’s record giving.  According to Giving USA 2021, 2020 giving grew 5.1 percent to $471.44 billion. Giving as a percentage of GDP (gross domestic product) grew to its highest level since at least 1980—2.3 percent (Giving USA, 2021). By asking donors and stakeholders their opinion on which direction an organization or institution should move in and how best to get there, they will be far more likely to help fund the goals they helped develop. 

Turning Disruption into Opportunity: The 2021 Strategic Planning Toolkit is part of the Winkler Group’s series of resources designed to help nonprofit organizations and institutions fuel their vision.


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