New Tagline, Bedrock Core Values

Written by Timothy M. Winkler, Sr., M.A., CFRE

Redefining Fundraising Excellence. That’s been the Winkler Group’s tagline for the last two decades. It captured the essence of our hands-on campaign model that challenged the status quo. It addressed tackling a profession known for its generic, boilerplate approach. It also spoke to establishing a new standard in delivering excellence, creativity, and results for organizations. In short, it represented the values and methodology that has driven success for all of our clients

The bedrock components of the original tagline remain steadfast and immutable: creativity, solutions, client-centered focus, excellence, and achieving incredible results. All of these qualities embody the essential ethos of what we do every day for the people and organizations we serve. 

Our clients are the reason we exist as a firm. We recognize being able to serve our clients is a gift. We never take this gift for granted.

However, as we have grown into one of the nation’s leading firms, we appreciate our tagline needing to grow with us, while still capturing the spirit of our core values. Something that represents the heart of the partnerships we are blessed to have and the people for whom we are grateful to serve. 

Fueling Your Vision

You—our client partners—affect lives, empower people, and transform our communities. Your work starts with an inspiring idea. You see a future where the impact you make will change the landscape for the better. You have a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work others might not be willing to do. In short, you have a dream and a drive to make our world a better place.

Fueling Your Vision speaks to the purpose of what we at the Winkler Group strive to do for you every day. Our mission is straightforward: “We exist to love and serve our clients by helping worthy organizations raise more money.” 

Like you, we recognize that in order to accomplish your goals and achieve your vision you need resources. You need fuel. Fuel isn’t limited to financial resources. Fuel also represents sustainability and impact. It is a highly functioning and engaged board. It is attracting new donors and growing your organization, while also retaining current donors and increasing loyalty. Fuel equals doing the heavy lifting of strategic planning and customizing a road map to accomplish your mission. 

Ultimately, fuel represents empowerment. It empowers you, your team, and those who support you to realize your goals and achieve your vision. 

Fueling Your Vision simply articulates the small role we at the Winkler Group are humbled to play as you go out and change the world around you. 

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About the Author

Tim Winkler, Winkler Group Principal and CEO, author of "New Tagline, Bedrock Core Values."

As founder and CEO, Tim Winkler provides the overall strategic direction, vision, and day-to-day management of the firm’s practice. He serves as a national director of the Giving Institute and is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE). Throughout his career, every campaign he has led has met or exceeded its goal. He has a B.A. from Wheaton College and an M.A. from Columbia Biblical Seminary.

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