St. Andrew’s Opens New Ministry Center After $18 Million Campaign

The Winkler Group congratulates St. Andrew’s Anglican Church of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, on the opening of its new Ministry Center and three-story education building. 

St. Andrew’s was built more than 160 years ago and was severely damaged by a fire in April of 2018. A little more than two years later, and after a successful $18 million campaign proudly led by the Winkler Group, St. Andrew’s is able to rise from the ashes and worship in a beautiful new facility. 

“The new St. Andrew’s is about connecting people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ. It’s the result of vision, faith, and years of intentionality,” explains Steve Wood, Bishop, Diocese of the Carolinas and Rector, St. Andrew’s Church. 

To learn more about St. Andrew’s Church of Mt. Pleasant, visit

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