Winkler Group Announces New Resources Page

Written by Rachel Santos, Marketing, Sales, and Client Services Coordinator

We’ve redesigned our resources page with you in mind.

We’re delighted to announce the second edition of our resources page on the Winkler Group website. In 2004, the Winkler Group first introduced our unique brand of servant leadership to the fundraising and strategic planning world.  Our goal was to treat our clients the way we wanted to be treated.

Instead of telling our clients what to do—and then watching them do it—we wanted to roll up our sleeves and get busy.  We wanted to lead, initiate, and become a valuable member of the team. Our new resources page is an extension of our commitment to your work, arming you with practical tools you can use today to raise more money or refine your vision with a strategic plan.

New Features

Our new resources page efforts were focused on providing you—our clients, partners, and friends in fundraising—an easier way to find content. The simple new design allows streamlined menus, clear navigation, and a responsive layout.

The primary landing page has been updated to help you find the information you need more intuitively and efficiently. In one place you can explore…

  • resources by type; if you’re looking for a whitepaper or webinar on a specific topic, you can easily find it.
  • resources by nonprofit sector; sectors include community service, faith-based, and arts and cultural organizations, in addition to independent schools, higher education, and healthcare.
  • resources by service; services such as capital campaigns, strategic planning, and campaign studies have dedicated landing pages that pull only the most relevant information related to your search.

Thank You

We’re humbled to serve organizations with great causes.  We are inspired by the work you do every day, and we are honored to play our small part in giving back to you through our resources.

If you’re new to us or already a friend, sign-up to receive our latest publications and resources directly to your inbox. You’ll receive fundraising resources including best practices, trends, KPIs, and action items to fuel your impact.


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