Winkler Group Sponsors and Leads Sessions at Planet Philanthropy 2021

Written by Rachel Santos, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Winkler Group Principal Jim Bush and Director of Client Services Nikki Rach were featured presenters at the Planet Philanthropy 2021 conference in Orlando, Florida. AFP Florida’s Planet Philanthropy, held June 6 – 8, is an event that draws hundreds of nonprofit leaders from across the state to learn best practices from each other and from industry leaders.  

Jim presented “Planning for the Big Vision: A Strategic Plan with Impact,” an interactive session that emphasized how—and why—it’s critical to build a strategic plan functions as a fundraising tool by engaging key stakeholders and the communities that organizations serve. Jim and Nikki together led a session on the top indicators of campaign success.

Jim has been named best speaker at numerous national and international conferences. Widely regarded as a thought leader in the field of professional fundraising, Nikki has recently been invited to serve on the faculty of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. 

Pre-Conference Capital Campaign Course 

We were honored to have had the opportunity to lead a pre-conference campaign course.  The campaign course, scheduled for June 5 – 6, was an intensive workshop offered by AFP Florida and Winkler Group Principal and President Jim Bush. The course designed to guide nonprofits through the phases of a capital campaign—starting with what one can do today to ensure the success of a future campaign. Participants left with an in-depth understanding of how to hit—and exceed—a campaign goal.  

Monday Night Social: Seaworld

The Winkler Group is proud to have sponsored an evening of networking with other nonprofit professionals (with a splash of fun!) that included opportunities to observe beluga whales, hear from a personal animal educator, and enjoy an open bar and hors d’oeuvres. We’ve included a selection of photos from the Monday night event below—the remainder can be found on our Facebook page or by clicking here.

About the Winkler Group

The Winkler Group, a full-service fundraising consulting firm that specializes in capital campaigns and strategic planning. The firm headquartered in Charleston, SC, with offices in central Florida, Georgia, New York, and North Carolina. 

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