Every Board member can make a real impact on the ability to raise meaningful significant gifts, even if they never directly ask for a gift themselves. 

10. Thank: Help write thank you notes to donors. Send thank you emails. Make thank you calls. Studies have shown that a personal, heartfelt “thank you” from a Board member has a positive impact on future giving. Nothing is more important to future giving than thoughtful, timely recognition and real gratitude.  

9. Tell your story: Tell the story of what makes your organization so special – don’t take it for granted that everyone knows or remembers. Share your story of why you support your organization.  Telling your story will inspire others.  

8. Open Doors: Opening doors means introducing friends, colleagues, and family members to an organization you care deeply about. It often involves scheduling/coordinating meeting between the executive director and an acquaintance who might be interested in the organization.  

7. Listen: Really listen to everyone who has a connection to the organization and find out why it is important to them.  Ask questions that help them see what is so valuable about the organization, listen to what people are passionate about, and learn what inspires them.  People remember what they said more than what they hear, so the better you are at listening and encouraging others to talk about the organization, the better the results for fundraising.  

6. Bring Guests: It is important that board members bring guests to fundraising and non-fundraising events.  Whether or not you pay for your guests is up to you.  By bringing new guests to each event, you help introduce your organization to a wide circle of potential supporters.  

5. Host Receptions: Board members can host receptions in their homes. Receptions serves as cultivation events, and no money is solicited or collected.  You can invite your friends only or invite other board members’ friends as well.  

4. Share: In a confidential setting, review a list of donors and/or potential donors, and share what you know about them and their interests in supporting your organization now or in the future. If you know someone well, offer to set up a meeting to talk about your organization. You are an important bridge between an impersonal database and a human connection and relationship to a donor. You can help identify with whom your organization should plan on reaching out to and re-connect.  

3. Volunteer: Support your organization in the behind the scenes work of fundraising by volunteering to help organize events, solicit auction items, write notes on donor solicitation letters, serve on the fundraising committee, help host donor visits to your organization, provide tech help for the Facebook page, edit newsletters, and so on. Find out where you are needed and where you can make the biggest different in support of fundraising…then get involved.  

2. Give: Make your own meaningful, significant gift to your organization and consider a monthly, quarterly, and/or Legacy pledge. Share your story of your giving with the rest of the board, explain the need for 100% participation of the board in giving. Seek different opportunities to give in-kind resources or services (computer equipment, office supplies, transportation, furniture, professional services, etc.)  

1. Lead: As a board member, you hold the highest leadership role in the organization. You provide your organization with clear future direction by ensuring that a strategic plan is in place. Use the strategic plan as a governing tool to work on and resolve difficult problems that might be of concern to donors. When a board consistently focuses on the organization’s mission, actively works on resolving problems, plans for the future, and communicates a shared vision, it truly inspires the confidence of donors.

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