We provide the fuel you need to advance your vision.

The Winkler Group focuses exclusively on capital campaigns: planning, campaign feasibility studies, and capital campaign management. This means your team has serious expertise raising leadership and major gifts.

If you have a vision and mission that transforms the way you work and serve, we can help you fund it.

With us as your fundraising consultant, your capital campaign will raise more money in a shorter period of time. That’s because we don’t just coach. We roll up our sleeves and lessen your workload. We listen to your donors and customize your campaign strategy around them—not around the same generic plan most other campaign firms use.

Work with us and you will break ground sooner, grow your endowment by more, or launch more programs that revolutionize the way you serve others.     


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to capital campaigns.

Nothing has the power to transform an organization or institution more than a capital campaign with strategy at its foundation. New facilities, more programs for students or communities, or an endowment that secures the future.


Your campaign will raise more money if you start with a Winkler Group-led campaign study.

We interview as many of your donors as possible—at no additional charge. Why? Because donor buy-in leads to investment. And bigger campaign goals.


Your advancement or development office deserves more than a surface-level analysis.

Gain a strategic roadmap to confidently embark on transformative change. We dive deep into your institution or organization’s fundraising department to evaluate its overall health and readiness for a campaign.


Discover the priorities that will have the greatest impact and most immediate impact.

A Winkler Group-led institutional needs assessment is your compass, guiding you towards what truly matters—the essential elements that will propel your vision forward. We decipher between needs and wants, ensuring that your focus remains on what is vital and immediate.

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