Campaign Feasibility Studies

Our campaign feasibility studies are the most robust in the industry because they combine our strategic expertise with your donors’ insights. We use data as well as donor feedback, perspective, and input to go beyond simply recommending a campaign goal. We give you the road map to achieve it. And, our hands-on approach means we share the workload with you


The result: campaigns that begin with a Winkler Group campaign feasibility study raise more money.

Ready to launch a campaign feasibility study?

Find Lead Gifts

Our methodology encourages stretch gifts and uncovers hidden donors.

Protect Viability

Our counsel keeps you on track towards an aspirational, yet attainable, goal.

Fuel Your Vision

A Winkler Group campaign feasibility study is the first step in achieving your vision.


Are you ready to launch a capital campaign?

While a campaign study is the best way to determine the likelihood of a successful campaign, answering these five questions will provide insights into your campaign readiness.

Ready to launch a capital campaign?

What can we help you find?

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