Strategic Planning

Organizations that partner with the Winkler Group to develop a strategic plan have an advantage: donors who are ready to invest in achieving the plan’s goals.

Strategic plans created by the Winkler Group use a fundraising lens that is designed to engage key stakeholders and donors in meaningful ways.

By involving a wide range of constituents and giving them an opportunity to participate in the plan’s construction, they are excited to invest in the future.

Many organizations work through the strategic planning process every five years—an approach that often leads to stale, irrelevant plans. The Winkler Group helps clients develop easy-to-implement, measurable, and results-driven strategic plans. They are designed to be used, not placed in a forgotten binder.

Ready to design a strategic plan that won't be forgotten?


Create a comprehensive plan your organization will refer to constantly as its road map, not forget in a drawer.

Engage + Invest

Engage donors and stakeholders in the plan's creation so they will provide the financial investment to implement the plan's goals.


Winkler Group strategic plans are straightforward to implement, making it easy to measure success.

As our client partner, you will quickly notice a difference working with us.

What can we help you find?

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