Institutional Needs Assessment

Every organization or institution has a long list of projects, particularly following the completion of a strategic plan.

Not all of these projects can, or should, be prioritized for immediate implementation for many reasons. Some are not likely to receive strong support in a potential campaign while others may be better funded through other avenues like bonds, operations, or by government funding. 

A Winkler Group-led institutional needs assessment uncovers the campaign priorities that are truly necessary to inspire financial investment.

Through interviews and focus groups with your alumni, staff, audiences served, students, and key stakeholders, we listen attentively to your unique perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of your institution’s challenges and opportunities. 

Ready to undertake an institutional needs assessment?

Identify Critical Needs

Ensure Strategic Alignment

Drive Donor Investment

Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional assessments. We ignite inspiration, fueling the growth and success of your organization or institution.  With a strategic roadmap in hand, you can confidently embark on transformative change, knowing that you are focusing on the projects that will make a significant difference.


Are you ready to launch a capital campaign?

While a campaign study is the best way to determine the likelihood of a successful campaign, answering these five questions will provide insights into your campaign readiness.

As our client partner, you will quickly notice a difference working with us.

What can we help you find?

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