Internal Campaign Readiness Assessment

Launching a successful campaign requires a solid foundation. Our comprehensive assessment evaluates the health of your advancement department to determine your readiness for a campaign.

A Winkler Group-led internal campaign readiness assessment goes beyond surface-level analysis. We dive deep into the core of your organization, identifying critical gaps that must be addressed before embarking on a campaign feasibility study.

We provide you with the insights and recommendations that are essential to campaign success. Our experienced consultants interview key stakeholders to determine your key performance indicators such as:

university or organizational leadership capacity and commitment;
staffing levels and roles;
alumni or grateful patient program effectiveness;
sufficient donor prospect pools and data;
effective annual and major gifts programs;
naming opportunities, gift acceptance, and other policies;
and communications and branding.

You will gain insights into identified gaps and receive specific, time-bound recommendations for addressing them. The result? An empowered advancement operation, fully staffed and strategically prepared to support a successful capital campaign.

Ready to assess your internal campaign readiness?

Identify and Bridge Critical Gaps

Optimize Donor Engagement

Reach Campaign Goals

Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional assessments. With a strategic roadmap in hand, transformative change is well within reach. 


Are you ready to launch a capital campaign?

While a campaign study is the best way to determine the likelihood of a successful campaign, answering these five questions will provide insights into your campaign readiness.

As our client partner, you will quickly notice a difference working with us.

What can we help you find?

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