We’ve heard too many organizations say, “We’re just focused on survival.  It would be insensitive to ask our donors to give at a time like this.”

The next 90 days will likely be the most critical your organization has ever faced.  Ignoring your donors will have dire consequences.  We saw first-hand that organizations that laid low during the 2008 recession were the ones that were the slowest to recover.  Many of them closed for good.

The Winkler Group’s experienced fundraisers are ready to walk alongside you to provide immediate revenue streams today and create sustainable funding for tomorrow. Like all Winkler Group offerings, these services are hands on and high touch.  We do most of the work for you so you can focus on serving those who need you most—not on fundraising. 

Develop a 90-Day Fundraising Recovery Plan

The Winkler Group’s 90-Day Fundraising Recovery Plan will help you raise money immediately by crafting strategies and messaging that is meaningful to donors and positions you for impact once normalcy returns. 

Remote Interim Development Director

The Winkler Group’s experienced fundraisers will serve as a remote interim development director who will keep the fundraising process moving forward

The interim development director will provide the strategic oversight and planning that will sustain the organization until a permanent development director is in place.  The organization will have a Winkler Group consultant as their lead; supporting the lead will be a team of experts in all areas of development including major gifts, annual fund, planned giving, and donor moves management.

Recover Cancelled Event Revenue

Many organizations rely on spring events for critical revenue.  Others start planning and securing sponsorships for fall events over the coming months. With a minimal investment, the Winkler Group will help transform your cancelled event into revenue or develop a plan for your coming event.

Developing a Church Giving Recovery Plan

As in-person worship and offerings are temporarily halted, online church giving is even more critical.   The Winkler Group recognizes that most churches don’t have a staff person dedicated to or exclusively focused on growing your giving.  We can be that staff member over the coming weeks, until normalcy returns. 

Our experienced team will walk alongside you and put into practice the strategies we know work for churches.

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(Proverbs 11:25)

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