Our Story

The story of the Winkler Group begins with a need—a gap in the philanthropic marketplace.

During the fifteen years Tim Winkler spent working in higher education advancement, he yearned for better campaign counsel.

No matter how big or well-respected the firm he worked with on the campaign, their counsel was boilerplate, generic. They kept the client busy being busy. They were quick to take credit when things went well, and the first to blame others when success didn’t come.

Tim always felt like things could be and should be done differently. He founded the Winkler Group in 2004 as a way to serve clients the way he had wanted to be served.

He assembled a team of consultants who share their clients’ workload. They are seasoned professionals with a passion for achieving fundraising results and a personal desire to see their clients succeed. Nearly 20 years later, the Winkler Group has set a new standard for fundraising counsel.

If you’re ready for a different approach to campaigns, welcome to the Winkler Group.

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